Projects on the History of Boston

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Urban Renewal of the West End Neighborhood

This project is about the Urban Renewal project of Boston’s West End neighborhood in the 1950’s and the displacement of many working poor communities.

Created by: Megan Rebennack
Time Period: 20th Century
Topic: Remaking Urban Space

Transportation and Development in 19th century Boston

From a seaport town to the premiere New England metropolis

Created by: Michael DeVito
Time Period: 19th Century
Topic: Infrastructure

The Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority

In 1894, Boston was authorized to build the first subwa …

Created by: Hannah Hunter
Time Period: 19th Century, 20th Century
Topic: Infrastructure

The Evolution of Higher Education

Overhauling of Harvard’s system changed the way Boston (and all of America) looked at higher education.

Created by: Emma Speer
Time Period: 19th Century
Topic: Culture

The Elite Class of 19th Century Boston

The population of Boston grew from 25,000 people to a q …

Created by: Lauren Garcia
Time Period: 19th Century
Topic: Community and Reform, Culture

Summer School’s Influence on Boston

This excerpt describes the process government organizations merged with grassroots movements to build playgrounds in Boston.

Created by: Christopher Noebels
Time Period: 19th Century, 20th Century, Progressive Era
Topic: Community and Reform, Culture, Remaking Urban Space