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The Purple Gang: How Detroit Supplied Liquor to the United States During Prohibition

Detroit became one of the most important cities during the Prohibition because of the connections the Purple Gang had to Canada, and the mass amounts of alcohol that they were able to smuggle into the United States.

Created by: Oliver Marcel
Time Period: 20th Century, Prohibition
Topic: Community and Reform, Crime, Culture, Immigration, Infrastructure, Politics, Prohibition, Race and Ethnicity, Remaking Urban Space

The Influence of the Automobile Industry on Early 20th Century Detroit and Its Architecture

The dominance of the automobile industry beginning in the early 20th century affected many aspects of Detroit, specifically contributing to the design of a car-centric city and the construction of architecture which reflected the prominence and wealth generated by this key industry.

Created by: Kynzie Johnson
Time Period: 20th Century
Topic: Architecture, Remaking Urban Space

The Black Bottom, Slum Clearance, and Detroit’s Self-Destructive Desires

The Black Bottom Neighborhood Black Bottom was among th …

Created by: Sam Johnson
Time Period: 20th Century
Topic: Architecture, Community and Reform, Culture, Infrastructure, Politics, Poverty, Race and Ethnicity, Remaking Urban Space

The Beginnings of a City: The French Fur Trade of Early 18th Century Detroit

Detroit’s transformation from a small outpost, to a bustling town that was backed by the fur trade through French involvement.

Created by: Emma Galvin
Time Period: 18th Century, Colonial
Topic: Foundations, Remaking Urban Space

The 1943 Race Riot

The 1943 Detroit race riot was one of the biggest racia …

Created by: Madeline MacArthur
Time Period: 20th Century, WWII
Topic: Crisis and Response, Industrialization and Labor, Race and Ethnicity

Segregation and Discriminatory Practices at Ford Motor Company in the 1930s and 40s

The Ford Motor Company was a place ahead of its time in the early 1900s especially with pushing work equality, however, by the 1930s and 40s, these factors began to change.

Created by: Jacob Martin
Time Period: 20th Century, Depression, WWII
Topic: Industrialization and Labor, Politics, Race and Ethnicity, Technology