Chicago’s Eight-Hour Movement of 1886

The campaign for an eight-hour work day began in 1867 and continued into 1890. The movement leaders used social Christianity to different degrees to gain support form the working class, and adjusted their ideological framework as the campaign progressed.

Climate Change and its Effects on Chicago

Chicago has always had a very precarious relationship with its surrounding environment, and climate change will only make the effects on the city and its infrastructure more intense.

Chicago’s Influence on Jazz Music

Jazz music began in New Orleans, Louisiana. The musical genre has roots in European traditions, blues, and ragtime. It also derives from work songs sung by slaves on southern plantations. Jazz was not a popular musical genre until the 20th century when African Americans moved to Chicago during the Great Migration to escape the Jim […]

Daily Life in Chicago Tenements

Overcrowded, poorly built, and unsanitary, tenement housing was one of the worst places to live, yet for so many it was their only choice. Newly settled immigrants as well as working-class families struggled to make a living and had to do so in deplorable conditions. There would be those that tried to change the situation, but their successes would only be temporary. Low-income housing is still a struggle for many today, and the roots of the issue can be traced back to those early days when tenements were the only option.