Climate Change and its Effects on Chicago

Chicago has always had a very precarious relationship with its surrounding environment, and climate change will only make the effects on the city and its infrastructure more intense.

Boston Sewers in relation to disease

This blog will give a brief overview about the history of Boston, Massachusetts sewer systems. We will began with the first evidence of sewer in the 1700s and quickly move up to Boston’s current systems. In the 1700s many settlers including some of the first second-generation Americans occupied Boston. Only the elite of the city […]

Sewers and Urban Planning in Boston

Though private citizens and companies built the early sewers of Boston the infrastructure was changed and expanded in the late 1800s with the development of the Metropolitan Sewerage Commission.

Filling Boston’s Back Bay

The most radical land-fill operation carried out in Boston was that of the Back Bay, which symbolized “Boston’s wealth and optimism in the late 1850’s and the pride and ambition of her civic leaders.”

The Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority

In 1894, Boston was authorized to build the first subway system in the United States, a pivotal undertaking in terms of public transportation. [1] For over a century mass public transportation in Boston changed, shifting from the private, financially unstable Boston Elevated Railway Company to the modernized, publicly funded, popular, Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority. This shift from […]