The Great Migration

The Great Migration (also known as The Black Migration) in 20th Century Chicago.

Chicago’s Influence on Jazz Music

Jazz music began in New Orleans, Louisiana. The musical genre has roots in European traditions, blues, and ragtime. It also derives from work songs sung by slaves on southern plantations. Jazz was not a popular musical genre until the 20th century when African Americans moved to Chicago during the Great Migration to escape the Jim […]

Al Capone, Prohibition, and the Rise of Organized Crime in Chicago

The rise of organized crime in Chicago can be attributed to a multitude of factors, however two of the most prevalent of these are the “urban renewal” of the Levee district and the introduction of the 18th amendment to the United States Constitution, otherwise known as Prohibition. The Levee District is a two square block […]

Effects of Professional Hockey in Chicago

This Project is about the Chicago Blackhawks that are a team that went through the 20th century facing Discrimination about the use of the name of an American Indian

Prohibition and the Rise of Organized Crime in Chicago

  The 18th Amendment to the Constitution instated Prohibition throughout America. While it was rallied and put forth by puritanical values, its greatest profits would be the organized crime, corruption, and gangster culture that it created. While bootleggers, speakeasies, and organized crime would grow all throughout America during Prohibition, Chicago was a standout with its […]

Boston Race Relations During the Antebellum Period

  Boston is known by many people as the city where the abolitionist movement in the United States was initiated, however the movement was truly started by the Quakers in Pennsylvania in 1775 with the creation of the first anti-slavery society.[1] Boston however was where the abolitionist movement was born in relation to the antebellum […]

Italian Immigrants in Progressive Era Boston

Italian immigrants emigration to the United States affected Americans, especially in Boston. The racial and ethnic prejudices and discrimination by American and Bostonian society, was a factor in the Sacco-Vanzetti Case that proved monumental in Italian ethnic relations in the United States in the twentieth century. How the press handled and covered these Italian ethnic relations and the case was a major factor in the development of the racial and ethnic tensions at that time.